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Editor mode to allow others to safely make content edits/changes

Is there any talk about creating an interface where non-Webflow users can access a Webflow created website and make editorial changes? I have clients interested in me building a website and then letting them make content changes; they don’t want to mess with code, design or photos.

Webflow is working on CMS features, but no release date yet :disappointed: So it could come tomorrow or sometime in 2017.

I would check out these CMS options. although you will have to export your finalized site. You can not use them if your wanting to host the site with webflow. Whats cool about them is that you can build everything in webflow even the content have the client approve the design and them setup the CMS so the client can change it later.

These are simple CMS solutions. They don’t require a database but have limitations on dynamic content like news feeds or blogs. I think for most small businesses these are good solutions. You can set up the site so a client can login and change static content on the page like text or images. You also don’t have to be a developer to get it working.

You also could possibly use the CSS file from the webflow design. so if you make a design change to an element in webflow that change would take affect on the site hosted outside of webflow.


So far you can only transfer your site to their Webflow account (their account has to be at least micro plan, your account has to be pro I think). Remember to make a copy on your account before transfering. You know… just in case :slight_smile:

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Hey @Kirill_Krysanov yeah at the moment the solution that @bartekkustra provided is the best one. We are working to improve this workflow at the moment. What kind of edits does your client need to make? Anything big or pretty simple changes?


I used a website editor once that let you login to your site via Ctrl + Shift + O when pressed on the live site. Then that user could only log into their site as its a unique login and password for each client site. Could work well here. - A lot of clients want to take control of their sites in someway in future so its def a good idea to have included with the multi site plans


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It would be incredible to be able to give a client their own login to a site where they can only edit the elements I have allowed.

I would make it a bit more simple by allowing clients to change paragraph’s content only - all they mostly care about is text anyway. :slight_smile:

This would be very appreciated, yet incredibly complex task too.

The other day I was thinking of a possible way to ease the editing of difficult sections for clients who are using Webflow. Would consist in making a symbol of everything they need to update, and gather these symbols on an “edit” page, one after another, with possible text helpers.

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@thesergie Any new solution to this since you last answered this question June of this year? Or is it still the same solution @bartekkustra provided the only way?

A +1 x 10^27 to this one.

This feature would be really useful especially for a team of designers/editors working on the same site at the same time. It would also set webflow aside from all of the other web-based web design tools, because as far as I know you can’t do this in any other editor (yet).


A bit of javascript in the published page doing auto update could achieve the same thing. Macaw does this :wink:

You know how it is. You’ve created the best design of your life, hand it over to the client, and then get a phone call a week later saying their secretary (who knows web design) completely messed up the page layout and they need your help to fix it. Wouldn’t it be great if symbols in Webflow could be locked down and made to be not editable for certain folks so those kinds of shenanigans didn’t ever have to happen again?

How about using a “dummy.html” page with all my symbols displayed, unlinked (!!), to counter for such effect. If someone messes up: make a new symbol, paste in place.


First of all thank you a lot for the Webflow!
I have one question. Probably someone asked that before here, but I couldn’t find it.

So the situation is the following:
I have made several websites for several clients. And I make updates by myself.
But now I have made the website on webflow for one small company, and they want to make updates on their website themselves. I don’t want to give them my login details of course, as I have several websites on my account.

Is there any way to solve that issue?


I have one Webflow Organization account with two slots.
Only one user can connect and work at the same time.

I understand this would be difficult for two people to design at the same time. But is it possible for one of them to enter as only an editor? Same interface, but no access to the CSS design tools.

The editor would be allowed to:

  • browse all site except the page where the other user is working on (locked)
  • edit SEO page properties. Also page names & slugs.
    - edit all the texts, titles, lists
    - add custom fields
  • edit responsive strategy for rows
  • create pages
  • populate pages with Symbols and break Symbols apart

What’s in bold being the most important and if it was only this, already a big improvement.

There could be no setting: the second user to enter is notified: “You are in editor role.” with a button: “Steal the designer role”
Or there could be a setting for a real editor role so you’re sure the person can never mess with the design.

Even better:

Custom user roles.

Add another tab next to custom code. With buttons that one can easily select defferent options. Something like this:

ps. You’ve got to imagine the buttons after each section, I couldn’t be bothered to add them.