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Little Webflow Dashboard with integrated Chat - without coding

Hello everybody

I hope you can help me with this topic.
I started a small project two weeks ago. So far I’ve built a landing page with Webflow. My goal is the following process:

  1. The user selects a plan on my landing page.

  2. The user registers on my site (name, email and password).

  3. The user sees a checkout page (one-time payment). Then he pays.

  4. Then the user has to fill in a few questions (probably with Typeform) that I need for my service.

  5. Then the user comes to his deashboard. There he can do the following: Change personal data, overview of his order (s), invoice (s) and a chat in which he can write to me or my team members if there are any questions (text, pictures and videos). E-mail notification when a new message has been sent would also be good.

So far I only know Memberstack. This can be used to solve points 1 to 3. But how do I do the rest without coding myself?

I hope you can help me