Help me with my new project (Just Webflow or Webflow + Memberstack?)

Hi all,
I’m new to Webflow and coming from design and programming experiences mainly on the Wordpress side (Elementor, WooCommerce, etc.).

I’m coming to Webflow for its smoothness and time-saver functions. While those are perfect for the projects I usually work on, I’m trying to make Webflow work also for my website and landing pages. These days I studied a lot on how Webflow could help me and, if there is one of you that would comment my idea, the doors are open.

So… let’s start!

Basically, I need to create a simple website with two salespages and an home page (there is also a blog but this is not a technical problem).

Users should be able in the future to see gated content such videos or articles (and I’m planning to use the currently in beta membership function).

At the end of each salepage there will be a “Buy Now” button that will redirect the customer directly to the checkout page (no shopping cart needed).

Now, I was thinking how technically realize this with the Webflow e-commerce feature and looking for your suggestion.

Option 1 is to create all those things within Webflow (adding the membership function when it will be released). Sales page would be normal pages and the “Buy Now” button will be inserted within a “Collection List” item connected with the digital product. I would not use Template product pages since I need all current and future salepages to be different.

Option 2 is to use an external plugin such as Memberstack. I should be able to reach the same result , even if I prefer Option 1 (the more integrated one).

Those are the solutions I was thinking about. If there are some senior Webflow users out there, what option would you choose? And why?

Thanks for your support.


Integrating a separate tool (Memberstack, Outseta, etc.) for your site’s membership functionality can have some advantages:

  • Your member data isn’t tied to your website builder
  • These other tools can be more mature and support more pricing models/scenarios
  • Other tools also offer other features such as email marketing and help desk (which you may need anyway) making it a better value than spending that money on whatever Webflow ends up charging for a membership site plan

Hey, developer advocate here, I work at Memberstack.

To avoid being biased, I will say that I’ve tried Outseta a couple years ago and had a great experience. I can only imagine that they’ve gotten better over time.
If you’d benefit from having a help desk & email marketing - Outseta is definitely a good choice.

At Memberstack, we’ve also made improvements over the year.
We’re actually in private-beta right now with our 2.0 product, but we’re opening up to the public very soon!

When it comes to payments, we now offer Stripe Hosted Checkout and Stripe Customer Billing Portal.
I’ve tried in Webflow and its such a smoother UX in my opinion.

Overall, I think it will still be helpful for you to get more opinions from the community.
But in case you did want to give 2.0 a spin, feel free to shoot me a DM and I’ll get you in the beta.


Hey @Nicolas_Angelo,

Just wondering if you can expand on this part:

When it comes to payments, we now offer Stripe Hosted Checkout and Stripe Customer Billing Portal.. I’ve tried in Webflow and its such a smoother UX in my opinion.

Do you mean it’s a smoother UX using Stripe Hosted Checkout + Customer Billing? Or it’s a smoother experience using the Webflow UX?

One of my biggest concerns with going the Webflow membership route is the required forms in the Ecommerce checkout (billing address, etc.). This adds something crazy like 9 extra form fields to checkout which will just plummet conversion rates.

I love native Stripe checkout, so for that reason alone I think I’d prefer the Memberstack route.

Curious if you could share some insights here!

Hey @Justino !

Yes, I was referring to Stripe’s hosted Checkout & Billing Portal being a smoother UX.
I haven’t tried Webflow’s membership service, but it seems like we both agree that native Stripe Checkout is a preferrable experience.
It’s most certainly a game-changer using it in Webflow too! :muscle:t4:

If you have any more questions lmk… also happy to get you in the beta so you can test drive it for yourself.

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You wrote

[quote=“Nicolas_Angelo, post:3, topic:210418, full:true”]+
When it comes to payments, we now offer Stripe Hosted Checkout and Stripe Customer Billing Portal.

is this already live? How can I access the Stripe Customer Billing Portal through Memberstack ? I would like my members to pay with PayPal, bank transfer an other payment options and not only credits cards. Hope you can help me.