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Possible on Webflow?

I would like to build a solution working like this:
-Visitors can register (by providing their name, email and address)
-They can then see a range of items for sale (with quantity remaining showing in form of a bar (e.g. 230/1000 available)
-They can then buy an item (items are digital, no shipping needed) e.g. through Stripe
-A contract should be created for the purchase and send to the customer’s email (though we could do this manually, if it can be automated that would be great though)
-Customers can also view the assets that they purchased on a subpage (including information about them)

I know this is rather complex but is there anyway to do this via Webflow (of course using plugins)?

Thank you so much!

What research have you done on your own?

Hi Jeff,
thanks for your response!
I’ve searched through this forum and checked out Memberful, Foxy, Memberstack and Gumroad.
However, I can’t seem to find an answer that really helps me. I am aware that the mentioned tools allow users to register for example, but I am unsure if a combination of my requirements is possible as such.

Thanks again

Hi @DagobertDuck.
Josh with Foxy here. We’ve already been chatting via email. If anyone else has similar needs, we can help walk you through the needed tools/pieces. Please don’t hesitate to reach out: