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Linking to Specific Tab from a different dynamic page


I’ve seen this question in this forum, but with different answers that I couldn’t quite parse. I would like to create a section on my site that shows different types of content: comics, illustration, posters, and etc. I would like the user to be able to click on one of hte categories and the page changes to show the respective content. It seemed the way to do this was by using a tab, and then creating filtered dynamic lists within each tab. I did this, and on the main page it works great (see comics and illustration).

However, I would like the user to be able to click on an individual entry to be brought to that entry’s page. Since I am doing this as a CMS, then I want each page to be built within the collection template. When they are looking at an individual entry, I’d like them to be able to click on the breadcrumb to be brought back to that specific category. So ideal flow is they go to the site, click the illustration category and see all illustrations, they click on one and look at it on its own full page, they want to see another illustration so they click illustration at the top of the page and are brought back to the homepage with the illustration tab already open.

So it seemed like the way to do this would be through anchor links, and adding the anchor link as a URL in as part of the category collection’s dynamic item. While this makes sense in my head, I can’t actually make it work in practice. Looking at the forum, it seemed like custom code needs to be put in to do this. So I did this, and thought i followed the instructions, but still can’t seem to get it to work.

Is there another way I could build this to make this flow work? Or is there soething I’m doing wrong in the current settings or with the current custom code?

Thank you!

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