Link to a specific tab on a different page - 2023 edition

Hi everyone, Linking to a specific tab has been a huge issue for years,
I have followed every single tutorial and previous forum tips regarding this subject, Eg:

Here’s what I’m trying to do:
Link an element, (in this case a link block) from a component located in my Homepage

To its correspondent tab in the “work” page:

Code probably looks like a mess, as I tried so much stuff that I am almost giving up.
Any tips?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

    • +Big Disclaimer + + + I am not a programmer.+ + +

Webflow… so many people need this feature, please make it possible.

Hi Daniela, where is the code?
I’m not seeing it on your work page, which is where it needs to execute.

I can see that you have both a class e.g. .BrandWork and an ID e.g. #BrandWork on your Work page tab elements.

You should also be able to verify that your script is working manually, like this;

Which isn’t working.

Also your naming convention appears inconsistent.
On your homepage, I’m seeing links like ?tab=BrandW
You’ll need those to match the class or ID, depending on how your script is designed.