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Hi! I am making a store and I have different categories of products. I want to have links to switch between the product categories. When I make the links and click on one it takes me to the category template page. Is there any way that I can still have the links and switch between categories, but stay on my home page. If there are other ways to do this please let me know. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only:


If you only need to switch between collection lists and not filter through them, you could also use the tab element and place the collections inside the different tabs!

So When I want to Switch between them will the customer still be able to click on the product? ( I am not sure what you mean by switch between and Filter through) Also when I am looking at the tab settings I am not seeing an option to link it to a product category.

If you add an tab element to your page, you can add a collection list element inside each tab and connect it to the desired category. Each tab will then contain one category and display its products there, they will be “clickable” just like there are now!

With filtering I mean, if you would need to selectively show products out of a single category.

I’m doing this wrong right…

Nevermid. I just figured it out. Thank you!

Glad you worked it out, despite my barebone description :smile:
Feel free to inquire further if you get stuck on anything!

Yes I have one more question… I am able to get one category, but when I drag in another collection list and link it to products it automatically link it to one category and I am not seeing a way to switch between them.


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I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t have much time at the moment. I will be able to respond until 12:30 central time and I will be back at my computer at 5:30 central time.

I’m not certain, do you have a question or is your above post solved?

My question is above the time thing. It is about the tabs. When I drag a collection into the tabs pane and link the collection to products it links it to all my products and not the ones in a specific collection. Is there a way to select which collection it pulls from?

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First, the collection element inside the 2nd tab has no content in it, so it will never show anything! Add the same elements to it like in the first tab.

To select what category is shown in each tab and collection list:

  1. Select the collection list wrapper
  2. Go to the settings tab and go down to filter
  3. add a filter for categories and choose “contains” and the category you want
  4. profit!

Of course you need to add those products also to the categories, currently only the category “stickers” has associated products!

Thank you sooooo… Much! You have been so helpful! Have a great rest of your day!:smile:

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You too :grinning: