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How to change dynamic list collection by clicking different icons

Hello !

I have a filtered dynamic blog collection list displayed in the blog post template page - below which is the dynamic icon list for different categories

How can I change the displayed dynamic blog list depending upon which category icon I click ?

I couldn’t find an option where clicking the icon would somehow set the current blog post category to the one represented by the icon hereby automatically updating the blog list.

thanks in advance

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Drag and drop a Tabs element into your site and put your category pictures in each of the tabs. Format the arrangement of the tabs to be aligned across the bottom (to match what you have pictured).

You will then want to copy the dynamic list containing your blog posts and paste it into each one of the four tab viewing areas. After doing so, you now have 4 separate dynamic lists (one linked to each tab). At this point, edit each individual list’s settings to show a different blog category. Now customize your tab transition settings and you’re good to go.


Hey Christopher, thanks for the reply - I’ll def try it.

Just that I was hoping to avoid tab lists and wondering if the current category parameter can be changed via links.


Sure - here’s another solution that should work with your current set up:

  1. Copy and paste your dynamic list 3 times in place and apply tag labels to each of your lists.
  2. Customize the dynamic lists to filter by different categories.
  3. Set all your lists visibility to hidden except for the first one.
  4. Create an interaction that affects another element that sets the list you want to show to visibility visible and three more interactions that set all other lists to visibility hidden
  5. Create new interactions for every different category button that hides/shows the correct lists.

I will say, though, that this is effectively just an approach that builds the entire Tabs feature from scratch. I highly recommend you use Tabs to accomplish your goal, unless someone more experience can advise an alternate approach.


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