Tab menu, and tab content filled with collection data?


I have a tab, with a tab menu and tab content and I also have two collections, which are called “Illustration categories” and “illustrations”.

However… I want the tab menu to be filled with the content of illustration categories.
The tab content of that category I would like to have filled with illustrations fitting that category.

I would like to have some tips on how to achieve this, because it is not possible to fill a tab menu with other content than tab links, so I’m not able to put an collection list in it.


In Collections Template: Homepages Template an example can be found in “gallery-preview” div.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

I’m confused, you can put a dynamic list inside a tab and filter it by any category you want that you’ve added to that collection.

I want the tab menu links to be filled with text of a collection. I cannot drag a collection list into a tab menu.

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Why would you want that? You can’t dynamically control what is inside each tab automatically when you create a new reference category. Why not just put static text for each category and then fill the tab content with the dynamic list filtered by whatever category?

I think ElviraNL wants the category list to remain dynamic too. I’m also trying to do this. Not being able to do so is quite restrictive.

Does anyone have a workaround for this?


This is what I wanted to do indeed.

Hi there @ElviraNL and @freelancedan did either of you come up with a solution to this? I am trying to make my tab links dynamic also.


Nope, I did not. Sorry. @Rheed_MacPherson

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Bummer, thanks though @ElviraNL

Maybe rethink the approach and look at one of the custom filtering options like Mixitup or Udelsy has one too. So dynamic filtering without the tabs.

Don’t want to pay extra money for that kind of feature…

Hi all, any news with a solution for this?