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Linking godaddy bought domain to webflow

Hello guys,

I did a website for my client on webflow and everything is great, but I’ve linked their original domain from godaddy by going to their DNS and creating 2 A records and 1 cname record, everything seems to be fine but now their original website doesn’t even show up on their domain name, and my webflow project is not linking.

It’s been 32 hours

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You’re going to have to post details of the DNS settings you entered here.

It sounds like the details have been entered incorrectly as at least one of them should work at a given time during propagation but that can’t be verified until we see.

Very hard to help without seeing the settings and records. Sometimes DNS settings have a very long Time To Live (TTL), which means your changes won’t propagate for hours and perhaps days.