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RESOLVED: DNS - how long does it take?

I changed the DNS of my domain to point to a Webflow hosting plan. It’s been a couple of hours and on some computers I still see the files I have hosted on godaddy’s servers,
However on some computers it is showing the new Webflow hosted site. To completely see the Webflow site do I need to remove the files on the godaddy server?

Webflow shows a green check box saying everything is named correctly on the DNS.

Please help guys.

Anyone can help, I am just referencing people I know on here below:

@PixelGeek @sabanna

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Ok Update: when I put a www. Infront of the URL it works fine. But when I use with no www. It shows the go daddy files… What option in the DNS do I change for the to show correctly without the www. ?

Update: I read the instructions and it says to add 2 @ A(Host) name severs but godady will only let me add one of them?

Post a screenshot of the dns settings.

You have two conflicting root (@) A records. You should only have one. Remove the second one.

Also, remove all the four nameservers. The A record is already redirecting to webflow servers.

On the Webflow instructions it states to have two of those though?

It seems to work on the computer, but not on mobile when you two not use www.

Also post a screenshot of the hosting tab in the website settings.

I don’t see why man? It’s set to my home URL and it’s working on desktop.

@seank I also like to add both the www. and without www. address of the site as you can see here. That way both addresses work just fine. :slight_smile:

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As Waldo has shown, you should configure your CNAME records as above

I’ve seen DNS records propagate anywhere from 5 minutes to 48 hours - Check here

A record points to Webflow servers - it is a reference to a server for CNAME records to consume
CNAME record points to A record - it is the URL that users will type in their browser.

In your Domain Name Registrar portal (GoDaddy in your case)

  1. Configure the A record to point to Webflow’s IP Address(s)
  2. You will then need to configure 2 CNAME records - AND, these must point to the A record.

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Thank you everyone. Inserting the in Webflow worked!

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