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Linking Forms together / via CMS-Collection

Dear Webflow Specialists

I would like to create an order process for various documents.
For this I have created a CMS list where the customer can later upload the documents separately by category.

I am now trying to solve the order via a form. in the collection item is a form field where the user can enter an order quantity. At the end of the collection list is then a regular form for the user data.

With this solution I have now two problems:

1.) The form of the order quantity is not connected with the form of the order address. So the info of the quantity is lost. Can I connect these forms somehow?

2.) The order quantity form should generate an ID, which then shows the recipient which document was ordered. I was hoping to be able to create such an ID in the CMS collection, but have not found anything.

Unfortunately I don’t have much experience of the interaction of CMS collections and a form. Maybe there is a solution that would be more suitable anyway.

Thanks for looking in. With a greater effort I am also willing to pay accordingly. After arrangement of course.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Krebsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt