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How can I link fields in a collection to an input form?

How can I link the input fields in my form to the fields in my collection?

Here is my public share link:

Can you better explain what you’re trying to do?

I have a collection and I want to use it to retrieve and enter data on a form on a collection page. The form will be shared with different users, so data that are entered by one user must be visible to others. The form for any given collection item will only be used by one user at a time so there is no danger of a collision.

The important point is that I want the user to be able to retrieve, edit, and save collection data on my collection page, whether using a form or any other means.

I’m sorry but I’m still a bit unclear as to what you’re trying to do. What form? A contact form? Collection input fields? Subscribe form?

Are you trying to take data that is submitted from a form you made on your site and send that data to a collection?

Or are you trying to populate form values with data from a collection?

J_Canan, I suppose it would be a contact form, but I’m not really sure what any of those are. I provided my share link, so I will describe below how it would be used.

The user would physically be in a delegate’s office, so she would tap on that delegate’s photo to open the delegate’s collection page. While there, the user would ask the delegate some questions, then enter and save the responses to the collection.

Those responses may not be conclusive, so the same or another user may go back to that delegate’s office later to add to or modify the data that were entered earlier using the same or a different device, using the same procedure.

What is important here is that previous entries must be visible during subsequent visits to delegates.

I hope this clarifies what I want to do.

Here’s another approach: would it be possible to display in a specific range of one sheet of a Google sheet on a collection page read/write mode?

I thought I had resolved this by embedding a Google Sheet in the collection page. It rendered well in all modes, especially on phones which is where I need it. I used the URL generated by Sheets for sharing with anyone on the web enabling them to edit. In preview mode it worked perfectly.

But when I published the site, it rendered the sheet as a picture and did not allow entry on my Android devices. This is a major problem for me. Can you help?

You can actually do this via Uses Webflows API to grab the content. Someone made a post with steps on how to do this. I will see if I can find it for you.

Read this:

This looks promising. I can see one problem in that I will have 141 separate “zaps,” one for each of the delegates, unless there is some what to filter the data. It looks like I might have to separate these into individual sheets and CMS’s which would be an enormous headache for data export.

OK, so I now have my CMS connected to Zapier, and was able to import the test data from my sheet to the CMS. I still don’t understand how to use the CMS to enable it to receive data from the user so it can trigger the data download the to the sheet.

I’ve looked at this more carefully and realized that Zapier will not do what I need it do to.

I thin you have to create a second action in the zap. from the sheet back to the CMS.