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Order Form from Collection Items?

I have made several sites in Webflow and absolutely love it. I am preparing to move my oldest customer to Webflow as he has been hacked 3 times in GoDaddy even after buying all their security products. The site gets 1 million visitors every 3 months, so hackers love that kind of traffic.

Here is the existing site (I realized as I started to make the CMS collections there might be an issue - I have not designed one page yet)

Here is the issue - I want to use CMS to store all the seat modifications he does, one list for driver, one for passenger and one for accessories. I was planning on doing the same thing I do now. Have a order form that they fill out and select the modification(s) and accessories they want. But how would I make a form that dynamically lists the collection items? It is important that the form have the latest pricing and the name. Description is optional. The process is - Customer calls shop and schedules seat. Customer goes online and fills form out. and prints it. Customer puts his motorcycle seat and printed form in box and ships to MCC. Currently we are not collecting the submitted forms at all. It is just for the customer to print out rather than hand write.

Can I make a form that pulls info from a collection? Do I need the shopping cart? Do I need a plug in/third party connection?

Yes I can take the custom code I use now in Php and host the form somewhere and connect it, or I could just make a download form, but users are pretty dumb and this way works pretty well for now.

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Found an answer on YouTube from Pixel Geek