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Is it usual to put a form inside a collection?

Hello everyone

I am realy new here and would be glad if someone could give me a dirction or articles to read about this topic.

I am developing a simple, no styled for now, ORDER FORM based on a collection with 19 products.
What I am trying to do is show all items of this collection and put a number input field that let the user write how many items to order of each product.
The questions are: is it usual build such structure of collection and form? How to submit this form only with the input fields greather than 0?

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By custom js - create 19 hidden feilds and put the values from the collection inside those feilds (each - get data attribute and append).

The solution of this idea is 0.5-1 hour of coding. Hard to solve this by forum answer.

My main concern was having to write code for it. The hope was that Webflow would have some mechanism to do this without writing code.
Thank you for your help