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Looking for a way to "connect" forms

My dear fellow designers!

Look here. At the bottom of the page, the user can configure the product, which so far only is a form.

I’d like to achieve this usecase:

  1. User configures product and sends form. --1 form sent so far–
  2. Form confirmation page contains other suggested products. User configures one additional product. --2 forms sent–
  3. User can chose to “checkout” which is yet another form, where he can enter his contact details. --3 forms sent–
  4. Magical workflow (yet to be discovered, hence this new topic) merges the contents of those three forms into one mail.

Alternatively any similar approach with the same outcome is very welcome. Maybe a third party solution shop (?) working in the background? I don’t know.

I’m looking forward to your creative solutions.

I thought maybe it’s possible to not send forms #1 and #2 just yet but carry their contents in the background and somehow attach them to the “checkout form” #3.

Edit No2:
I also thought that maybe I paste the contents into a Google doc via Zapier and somehow identify which form submissions belong together and then stitch them into one mail. But the submissions seem not to have any identifier that makes it possible to “group” them. Right?

I think you’re trying to put a square peg in a round hole. People have a hard enough time following a normal checkout procedure. Multiple steps that are not seamless typically results in poor conversions.

If you have lots of business already and you were trying to automate it, build an app for that. If not, I would suggest simplifying your process. I have form engines that can do this all day long, the issue is the number of choices and where the data comes from (real-time or static). If you need real-time then you will need to have client side scripting or a backend app that allows you to deal with all the variables, and lead the user through it.

You might want to try prototyping this out. You could use something like Adobe XD. Then, when you have it worked out and people have tested it and given you feedback, you could push it out to a developer to make it so. Or maybe you worked out a less automated process that allows you to get the qualified lead and close it with an invoice.

Not shooting your thinking down. Just passing on years of development experience.

Yeah, well. I know that already.

The problem is that I thought that Webflow Ecommerce would be up and running with more features already. I’m talking about two things that I’m missing so far: 1. being able to “sell” free things (basically requesting a quote) for 2. a customized product.

So what I’m trying to achieve for my customer’s website is a workaround (until Webflow offers a better solution out of the box) so that people can request a few customized products.

Long story short: I need to solve it as good as possible with whatever’s possible with Webflow right now. Any creative ideas are welcome!

No real way answer without knowing more information like the number of products , number of variables that need to be displayed after a product was selected, whether those variables are unique to a single product, and so on.

I’ll do my best @webdev:

Maybe it becomes clearer if I just tell you the desired outcome: Right now, if you configure your products, we end up with a few unconnected mails. And then the sales team has to guess which ones belong together, especially if more users do it at the same time (which is not so much of a risk with +100k$ products for a niche business, but anyway).

Look at this and click on “configure” at the upper right below the logotype. You see four sections with all kinds of options. So far, those four sections are within one form.

We’re talking about maybe 80 products in the end, with up to 50 options each.

The best would probably be, if all form submissions by one particular user could be “tagged” with a user-specific variable (of pretty much any form) in order to merge them in Zapier. That’d be the easiest I guess.

I need a cheap, easy and probably dirty solution for now. That’s all.

Why not just set a cookie? If it exists you could add it as a value to a hidden input field on the next form. I could use one of these wink wink.

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Yeah, sth like that. But I know nothing about them, how to create them and how to get them into my form. I’d pay money for somebody to design that custom code for me. :wink: wink wink

Is not the email address already that? If not, what is it that you had in mind?

I’m not asking for the email address in the “config forms”. That’s the problem. There are only product related questions.

At this point in the process have they submitted data already or not?

No they haven’t. Nothing personal that could lead to identifying them. Only the questions of the configurator.

Excuse me for being confused but then what is the purpose of the form? To store anonymous submissions of product preferences?

We want to somehow emulate the expected user experience of a) configuring products and b) issuing your request after having configured several products. At this point, I don’t really see another way than this, using the tools available in Webflow. Do you?

If it was just one product per user/request, I’d put the personal fields right into that form of course. But in this case, we want to suggest additional products after the 1st had been configured.

You should capture the identifying info on the first submission, which could set a cookie, so when the user visited the next form, the identifying info could tag all subsequent submissions. If you do this you may have to potentially revise your privacy policy (IANAL).

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Sounds like the 1st real approach. And how do I do that? if this helps

My plate is full right now. I don’t have the time to address this for you. You should write up a clarified new post to the freelance / jobs section of the forum.

  1. Please make a detailed post within the Freelance category and provide an easy method for the community members to contact you.
  2. Reply to users by tagging using the @ sign followed by their forum username like this: @Waldo
  3. Once you have found a freelancer, please update your forum post when the position/work is no longer available.

Well, okay then. Most freelancers don’t answer there. Already tried before.

Hi Alex, thanks a lot. We built a workaround – more than 1 y ago :wink:

My apologies… the previous comment seemed to indicate that it was an active thread.