Link a text to a collection outside the cms wrapper

Is it possible to link a text or button to a cms collection but outside the wrapper

You can create a static page, place in there a collection with the blogs/articles.
In the settings panel, create a filter for the collection to show only items related to that category.
Then in the link block text you uploaded in the image, set it to go to the static page you created.

I hope this helps.

Is it possible to add this button to the cms wrapper and link it directly to the collection wanted ?

You can add elements only to the collection item and not to the collection wrapper.
If you share the read-only link, I will be able to direct you better :slight_smile:

I tried to add another cms inside the link block and filter name to the collection name, the only issue i have by doing this is the limitation 20 cms per page, there is the link

You want in the home page when clicking on a specific link block, it should scroll down to see that specific category collection in the same home page?

No, you see the section on the picture i published you’ll notice a linkbox i titled it “Plus” when i click on it i want it to take me on the collection page “Politique”

It works fine for me.
When I click the Plus link, it takes me to the category page and showing only articles related to Politique

that’s because i create another collection list for the “plus” button, and i want to avoid that

What i want to do is

create a section titled Politique for example
Put limited number of articles filred by collection
add a button that takes you to the full collection page

On the category collection page create a filter to show only current category.
On the home page, set each button with the link to the category url page.

I’ve created a demo project so you can see what I did.

Published link
Read-only link

Let me know if this helped :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, that helped allot

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