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I just want to have a link box leading to a cms page

Really need help as for some reason there isn’t a easy option to do this.

My page:

I need to link this to a cms page.
Of course its not easy to do this as seen below.


so i then try adding a CMS collection just to make a link but i cant limit the pages i want.

This is not the cms page i wanted to limit too.

Can i please have help how to just link a page.

Hey @Grant1,

It’s hard to tell if this is what you’re looking for, without seeing the challenge in Webflow, but…

To make the Collection List work, you could add a filter e.g. Name > equals > Lion Sands Game Reserve.

Or, if you want to display multiple specific items in a collection, add a field in the collection settings that will allow you to group them e.g. by location, category, accommodation type etc.