Text link to Collection Page

I have created a “Blog Posts” collection and have already recorded four blog posts.
The collection pages work perfectly. Unfortunately, I cannot create links in the text to the blog posts on the website. When I select the text to add a link, I can only select Main Pages. What is that about?

In the main designer UX, Webflow doesn’t have a way to search and filter blog posts ( there could be many thousands ), so you’d have to use a literal relative path.

Set the link to the first option, and then type the path e.g.

Thanks for the feedback. But when I want to link the page, the blog posts don’t appear at all, only the main pages.


Ah you didn’t specify that you’re linking within a rich text block. Normally you should be able to see your CMS pages there, so something’s changed or broken at the moment.

However it doesn’t matter. Change to the external link option and enter the relative path to the page you want, as I described above. In rich text element, there is no difference between page links and external links, it’s always stored as a static path string anyway.