Collection Page with Links to Others Collections Pages (categories, products, CMS, etc.)


Want to build this layout for my ecommerce site. The idea is to add on each product page one or several links or buttons to give users a path to other products within the same category or even to other categories.

I am using the standard “Product Template” page to build my product page so almost all the content is coming from the product CMS collection. The links and buttons I want to add should be set accordingly.

I would like to be able to filter which pages should targeted (both links and texts for buttons), for instance:

  • all products within the same category (eg. products), current product excluded
  • all categories available, current category excluded

Shall I add all the possibles buttons and links and add conditional visibility conditions ?
Is there another, more efficient way to do such a task ?


OK, I found a solution myself but this is tricky !

I wanted to do 2 different navigations:

  • buttons to other categories than the current product category
  • button to other product than the current product within the same category

For the first navigation, I added a collection list linked to the “category” collection. I needed to filter categories to exclude the current product category. But natively, I could not get access to this parameter.
I had to create a custom field within the category collection to assign the products included within this category. That field was already existing natively in the collection but for some reason, the collection list doesn’t allow me to select it. Once this was made, I was able to set a filtering condition than would show only the categories than are not linked with the current product. Good !

Then came the linking issue. Since I finally got the suitable buttons, I needed then to give them the suitable link and text. For the text, well, the category name was available so it was pretty easy. But again, no link available. I had to create another custom field to add the actual category link to then be able to select it. Working like a charm, only for the published site.

Then for the second navigation, you get the idea. I had to create a custom field for the product page link but no need to create a collection custom field since Webflow, this time, gave me access to it.

At the end of the day, it was tricky to get it working but totally feasible. This allow to have a well set, always working navigation on every CMS generated product page. Great !

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Wow, thanks for this information, much needed and appreciated!

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