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Ecommerce Testing


One thing i would like to point out is testing functionality. When doing testing i realy miss the possibility to test the whole way. I think that it should be possible to run the whole process in the test environment.

It’s realy hard to develop an Ecom site without test it in (Live). When i say live it should be possible to add products do a payment and receive all the mail. It can be a test account/credi card number that will simulate everything and it should also be possible att add products to the cart in the development environment.


I’m not sure if it’s gonna work with Webflow ecommerce but, maybe you can try to set your Stripe account in test mode?

Here’s some info about testing and test cards:

I was having the same issue as well… Would be nice to be able to test the whole way.

@donaldsv the Stripe account i can use is live and can’t be set to test. Ofcource i could open another account but this is not the solution because Webflow do not allow me to do testing without having an activated plan for Ecom. We realy need some testing options.

First Webflow Ecom must published to an SSL address. then Webflow need us to test without having a paid account.

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I’m dealing with this as well. I’d like to at least be able to add an item to the cart without paying for an ecommerce account simply to test styling.


I agree the ability to test the process right through the customer journey is extremely important. Using Stripe in sandbox mode is one solution but it appears that would require a paying subscription in order to test.

To all at Webflow. We realy need a testing function. I can’t check how taxes are calculated without doing a (Live Test) order. Pls. find a solution in this area


Any updates on this?

You can’t yet create an order via the api either which is what I do with other platforms.

Any updates? All I’m trying to do is test a gift message. :neutral_face:

Also need test environment…
Any updates?