Need a full test environment

PLS… Webflow.

It’s almost impossible to develop a eCommerce site when you can’t walk thure the whole order process.

I have said it before and here i comes again. Can you pls offer a development mode where you can run thrue the whole process doing an order, geting mail been able to access the checkout page and more.

It’s almost an impossible mission to develop a site without be able to test all functions



@JanneWassberg I dont have the answer for this, i also am very interested how others do this

@new_work_city you can do what rhe system allowed you. Meaning develop all visual stuff. You can’t test the full flow.

  1. You can’t test checkout and cart
  2. You can’t test mail automating
    3 you can’t test anything regarding orders
  3. You can’t test payments
  4. You don’t know what data is returned from payment gateways
    and some other suff.

The rest of the testing can be done after you have paid for the eCommerce hosting.

In my world here in Sweden my customers more or less demands to se a full test before taking final decision.

I have my own PayPal accounts and Strioe accounts but they are useless since I can’t use the full product when testing. Then it’s another thing will I host it or will I transfer the project to my customer? If my customer want me to transfer the project how can I finish the project without testing.

Don’t misunderstand me I love Webflow, really love :heart: it. But as a software developer it’s frustrating to note be able to test my stuff.


I 100% cosign on this. I’ve gotten the opportunity to spin up a Webflow ecommerce store (very quickly, POC-style), but I basically CAN’T even offer native Webflow Ecommerce because there’s zero chance we’ll get approval to purchase hosting, much less have to go through the process of getting a PayPal or Stripe account set up just to test! So, I’m having to spend the bulk of my efforts in this POC using, which seems like it’s got some significant horsepower and flexibility, but I really wish it wasn’t the only feasible option.

Webflow, I know you’re early in your Ecommerce journey, and I think the solution has some really nice features to build on, but pleaaaaaaase get a full test mode in place sooner rather than later. Test payment gateways, end-to-end flows, don’t make us pay for hosting until we’re ready to attach a real payment gateway and close to launch. Selling someone on Ecommerce sight-unseen is just not workable.


I’ll echo this remark.

I’m a couple of months into Webflow after an eternity with WordPress and I’ve already ported 2 client sites across with a 3rd almost complete, however, none of them required e-commerce so there were no hang-ups.

I’m now about to bring across a client who’s been with Shopify for 6 years - I’ve completed 90% of her build and all that’s required before she pulls the trigger on the move is for us to do a full shakedown of the add to cart/checkout/place order/payment workflow.

Unfortunately I’ve just had to tell her that even though she has both PayPal and Stripe ready to go - I’m unable to guarantee through testing that once we switch across to Webflow her business will continue without interruption.

Why is that?

This is an amazing platform and I’m having an absolute ball with it - but it should be a really basic thing to be able to test a new ecommerce build and demonstrate to the client that everything works before asking her to pay for a site plan and e-commerce hosting.

Our schedule plans for us to be switching over from Shopify on the 31st October, but now I have a somewhat disgruntled client and 40 hour site build I need to salvage.

Are there any plans for us to be able to set up some kind of testing sandbox for situations like this in the future?

Thanks… :blush:

One could arguably say Webflow’s Ecommerce is still in beta while they let you pay in full.

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Even worse - despite asking a reasonable question in a reasonable manner, nobody can be bothered to reply to my question.

Very disappointing… :smirk:

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If you needed a guaranteed response to that query, you would have been better off emailing Webflow directly. This is a community forum, not the official support channel - most people that will have read your question do not work for Webflow and would have been unable to answer you.