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Keep Webflow structure for blog

Hi guys, I’m still pretty new here and I appreciate your help.

I’m trying to find a way to export my site but keep its structure and then somehow add a blog functionality in the premade layout.

Is something like that possible?
Do I have to install a CMS on my hosting server?
How would I achieve that?
And is it possible to do without coding?

I thought about embedding ( i think thats the correct term)
WordPress blog as a subdomain, but it looks I will be bound to their layout.

I know I can do that with webflow hosting but I don’t have a steady income.

Hi @JovanPavlovic,

Can I ask why to export? (you’ll loose all Webflow’s best features!)

And, where are you going to host?

Honestly , I would like to have multiple blogs on different industries and If I host 4-5 sites the price will pretty much go up. Where with bluehost or whatever else it will cost just a fraction.

Is there a tutorial for noobs or something similar?

It costs “just a fraction” because you can’t do 10% of what you can do when you host on Webflow…
Keep designing, adding/removing elements, editor capabilities, built-in CMS, etc’…

Maybe it is worth considering 1 website hosting with subfolders and Domain redirects?

Hey @JovanPavlovic probably you can try this solution: