Webflow CMS and Designer with third party host

Hello, I am having trouble finding the right solution to my problem and need a good guideline on where to go with this.

The example is simple.

I want to use webflow designer and webflow CMS. Using the plan for the full features of the designer.

But I want to put the final website on an external host…

The option to export the code is not an option because then I lose the possibility to use the Webflow CMS…

Is it possible to host the Webflow project on another domain and server provider?

In a nutshell: Work on webflow but host the website on another host… still having full webflow functionality

Thanks for any help (I’m kind of a newbie)

Welcome @CryptoBet

If you export the Webflow code and host it elsewhere, the only way to use the Webflow CMS with it would be to access the CMS via it’s API.

Another thing you could do is export both the Webflow site code AND the Webflow CMS data, import those to a host that also has a CMS and go from their.

An example of this would be Netlify.

That all said, it won’t be easy as all the “glue” between the Webflow site and the Webflow CMS will no longer work and it’ll be up to you to create custom code for all of that.

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In addition to what ChrisDrit said, you might consider Design Jamstack powered sites with Webflow | Udesly.com


Thank you!
Very simply and understandably explained.

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Thank you for advice :slight_smile:
Will definitely try this solution