Can I Externally host a Webflow website with CMS


I was supposed to build a website with a simple CMS for a real estate agency. They’ve already bought hosting on Hetzner and really want the website hosted there instead of webflow hosting. Can I make the website on webflow using CMS and export it and host on Hetzner?

What are my options?

@Pavle_Maodus - Webflow does not provide for CMS functionality on exported sites. For that you would need to export your CSV data, and implement a headless or other CMS solution to handle the posts. I often convert projects to WordPress with custom post types. Another good option is Astro.Build. I have quite a few others in my tool chest.

If you want to talk conversions just DM me. I am available for gigs.

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Appreciate the advice. So what are all my options to use webflow and a CMS? I’m not looking to outsource the project currently.

As Jeff said, it’s all a custom build. Find a CMS you like, and figure out how to integrate it programmatically into your Webflow-exported HTML.

If you’re not a serious dev, you’ll need one.

If you’re on under serious budget constraints, and want an absolute bare-bones CMS solution, you could pay for Udesly + JAMstack to migrate your site and CMS data to Netlify. But it’s seriously bare-bones, and it’s a fragile process that may take several attempts to get right.