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Just Published New Salon Website

Hello all, I just finished a new site for an awesome salon in Santa Monica, CA called Saulino Smith Salon.

Please let me know what you think and how i can continue to improve as a webflow designer!




Hi Bill!
Beautiful website, love the Artists and Instagram galleries.

If I had to change anything would be the layout of the services and pricing section. It is just a personal opinion, but to me it feels a little “text heavy”. As a suggestion, I’d use Tabs to display the different services groups and reduce the text block size.

This is just a personal opinion, overall the site looks great! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @nita_design Sadly that was customers choice to show everything. We don’t always get our way sadly right :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for the feedback!

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Sometimes, as much as we explain the reasons behind a design, we just don’t have a choice…

Even so the site looks really good! :slight_smile:

Cool menu bar with good interactions!

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Thanks so much @EGAFutura !


Very nice work! Smooooooth interactions! I like! :slight_smile:

I love your work on the nav bar and the footer!

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thanks a ton @StevenP Appreciate the kind words

This site has a nice overall design. Clean and Elegant and I like the typography on the hero image and the breath of fresh air the image offers.

The phone number is good in the header, but for a solely brick & mortar business I’d place an address in the header too. What are the hours they are open?? Clicking Contact actually leaves me just above the contact information at the Check Out Our Other Social Feeds and Reviews section, not below the Contact section so that section fills my screen. Instead, I still have to scroll down one more section to see it the info, defeating the purpose of the anchor.

Some of the content paragraphs could be way too long to maintain engagement. I’d use the 45 - 75 rule on the width of the paragraphs and text and maybe a bump up in font size too since Josefin Slab is really thin.

The header for Services and Prices is well contrasted by the bold treatment, but the text in the pricing tables, while elegant, is (again) a bit thin, making my eyes strain to read it. I’d like to see more hierarchy of importance and eye tracking path by bolding the headers of the various services offered (Hair Services and Skin Services as well as sub-heads like Haircut & Style, Color, Condition, Smoothing, Extensions and the levels) than just the current capitalization offers. I’d carry this format over into the subs topics under the Skin Services “cards” as well… Facial, Facial Upgrades, Wax and so on. This would serve as better visual anchors so when a reader is skimming text there are natural “stops” in place. Right now it’s nearly impossible to skim or scan this text due to the universal and thin weight of it. I would also use a slightly shaded background in the pricing table running odd and even rows for improved readability. I used this paragraph as an example of this concept to denote importance.

It would be nice if the “artist” section clicked into a transition of the artist’s bio that fit within the card like a scroll up, flip or scroll over. Without any resulting action, the mouse over interaction doesn’t serve any function like they do with the Instagram gallery.

Nice work! As usual, this is just my 2¢.

Take care,

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