New hairdresser website

Hi all,

This is my new website for a Sydney based hairdresser.

Take a peek :smile:
It’s also in my profile:



Looks great! That background image is superb, but it’s quite large (1.2MB) I’d try optimizing it a bit so that it loads faster on mobile devices.

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I love the home page. I do think that the hover out interaction on the menu links is a bit long. It makes it look strange if you hover over every menu item quickly, and they all stay orange.

Thanks for your feedback. I have optimised the home page image (as well as some others) - thanks for the tip @brryant

Yes, @jordanshotwell I was thinking about that when doing it, but actually quite liked it in the end!

Looks pretty cool!

Only one thing I noticed is the menu. It looks very nice, but the animation is sooooo slooooww. I would make it 2 or 3 times faster.

really nice @DanUK1

Only one thing from my side - on my 13" Macbook at work the “services” and “contact” buttons are cut off at the bottom of the screen. I presume the div height is set to 100%/100vh so its not scrollable.

Just worth looking at for people with smaller screens :smile:

Thanks @EvanJones - I’ve adjusted for that now so hopefully smaller screen people will see the buttons :slight_smile:


That image, color combination and and fonts…is just graphics porn!
Great! :smile:


Thanks for the feedback! @StevenP Love that!!