Hair & Body Clinic - Your comments are appreciated!

Hi Webflowers.

Just proud to present my latest project (still pending on client’s final approval, at this point).
In the meantime, I’d like to know your thoughts and, if you feel like it, your advises for possible improvements.

That would be a great feedback and much appreciated.

Looking forward for your comments.

Thanks in advance!


Very elegant! Good job!

Little thing that bothering me: not enough contrast between dark background and font.


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Hi Sabanna,
Thanks for the feedback! :wink:
I was guiding myself for the branding colours. Getting the colours to match on this was tricky.

The logo/branding is a combination of 2 silver tones and red… While the salon has a feel of luxury and elegance, decorated with vitorian/vintage golden objects mixed with modern art…
That was my main concern: If it reflected the concept and identity and keeping it elegant with a luxurious feel.

I’ll try to lighten the silvers maybe that will improve it.


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