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A brand new website from in alpha stage

Im a developer from and i want to show my new work completely made in Webflow. Of course is in alpha stage and it is the home page only.

It contains the new slider functionality and awesome hover effect for the products. Take a look to the site and send me your feedback.

Im open to all comments ;).

Now the responsive design is available for tablet 10’, tablet 7’ landscape, and cellphone landscape and portrait :slight_smile: The interior pageg design coming soon.

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That’s really awesome! Really awesome that you built all that in Webflow. :thumbsup:

The next step is to make it responsive! You can totally do that by changing the width of different elements in the Tablet media queries and below.

Hmmm… I don’t think I like hover effect box-shadow on every element that is on the page. I wanted to say it’s really good, but that hover effect ruined it (in my opinion of course). That doesn’t mean it’s very bad. I’d just not use it :slight_smile:

Hmmm… no offense but the responsive elements don’t work. You need to further subdivide the navigation and products so they don’t hide so deep within the page. Its mostly static elements within a degree of inline blocks. Hope to see a working revision soon mate.

Looks great! Very impressive Webflow site

yeah, thanks for the advice! Now is available the responsive design! teake a look at the same URL and resfresh de page :slight_smile:

Looks a lot better now! I’d make the slider element have 100% width on the smallest media query (right now it’s a fixed width).

Nice update! Working solid and love the layout. I’m working on an e-commerce redesign also. Congrats.

Nice work man. I’ve been wondering how you integrated the shopping cart to your webflow site. Any pointers?

Thanks! :slight_smile: