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IX2: symbols and replace with current elements

Hi there lovely community!

I just wanted to report this 2 things that happened to me with IX2.

  1. I animated a menu to appear when the page finished loading. Then I convert that menu into a symbol and the animation unlinked with the elements inside. I still could replace them by putting again the class name but still, I don’t know what it’s going to happen if I want to change something in that animation.

  2. Also, I notice that the option “replace with current element” is not working for me, it doesn’t apply the animation on the element. If the elements on my menu had the same class name maybe I would have to redo all the animation again or put subclasses on the different elements.

Maybe this could be a thing of my browser, I didn’t try it on any other. I’m using Chrome version 62.0.3202.94 (I think is the last one, at least chrome is telling me that xD)

Anyone with the same problem? It would be nice if you could fix this @webflow :upside_down_face:

Hi @mauribazan, thanks for the post.

In this initial release, you won’t be able to apply interactions and animations to Symbols, so it might be related to that, but I would have to see what your usage of that is.

Can you please help to share the read-only link?

Take a peek at the release notes here:

I hope this helps

Oh yes, sorry! This is the link:

The first point could be related to this, still, if I replace it with the same name class it relinks to the class in the symbol.

But the second thing I’m talking about is this:
The “replace with current element” function is not working for me.

Oh and something that I just noticed is that I disabled the “while scrolling” animation on mobile but one section is missing.

Thanks for the help!!

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We just pushed some new updates for support in symbols, collection lists, and reusing animations:

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