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Copying new Interactions causes "element no longer exists in your site" error

While I (im)patiently await Symbol support for the new interactions ahem, I built a nav that hides/shows when you scroll the page (using your Webflow University tutorial).

However, when I copy the nav element from one page to another on the same site, there are several problems:

  1. None of the interactions are copied.
  2. Even when trying to hook up the element to the interactions listed in the panel, it gives me a “This element no longer exists in your site. Replace this item with a new target” error, even though the element obviously does still exist. So I have to build the 3 interactions again on EVERY page of the site? wtf

This is cumbersome to do over and over for a site which — shocker — has a nav everywhere (!). (Which is why Symbol support for interactions is important!)

Here is my site Read-Only: []


Hi @MarkBult

Thanks so much for posting this. We are definitely making symbol / cms support the number one priority when making updates to Interactions 2.0 — I appreciate your patience while we continue to improve this new feature!

To clarify, there are two separate things happening here. We have “interactions”, which are the triggers, and we have “action lists” which are decoupled from the trigger. The triggers (interactions) are copy/pasted with the element, but they still point to the original action list, which point to the original elements. Actions Lists are reusable, and this is a side effect

You can use Replace Elements in the interaction to target classes instead which would not break the action list targets since it is no longer node based.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks @Brando for mentioning that Replace Elements can be used for this. FWIW, I never would have intuited that from the UI.

I’ve been able to get these interactions to work, but still with an error. The red caution icon still shows, and the UI complains that the “element no longer exists”, even after I’ve hooked it up with a different class and it successfully works on the live site. See screenshot.


And to repeat from the original post: The element DOES exist. It was never deleted. The affect of copying and pasting the element is what seems to break this UI.


Thanks for letting me know @MarkBult

This is something we are still investigating and hope to have resolved as we make updates to this new feature :slight_smile:

I appreciate your help with this and your feedback!

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I’m having the same issue and it goes even deeper into the interaction.

20 PM

This is working properly on one page, but when I try to copy/paste the same group of elements onto another page I get these errors. I can’t figure out if I’m doing something wrong or if this is a bug. I’ve gone through all the University Interactions 2.0 videos.


I’m having the same issue. I was building an interaction on my templates page and when I copy it to the site, I want to use the interaction on I get the same errors. It works by using “Replace Elements in Animation” to get the interaction to work. I hope this gets a fix soon since this means I can barely save time by pre-building interactions on my template page, if I have to put in all the work again to adjust the interaction to remove the warning.

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Same problem here, when duplicating the nav bar show / hide interaction to another page the warning message appears and all carefully crafted animation gone :frowning: Would be so awesome to get this buf fixed…


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This is such complete and utter… Call me a fool for not checking every single issue with the platform before building my site, but I didn’t know about this (not in any of the videos I watched BTW). I built a complex (meaning days of work) element for the site, only to convert it into a symbol and loose ALL THE INTERACTIONS. I rebuilt the whole thing again and rather than creating a symbol I copied and pasted the entire section from one page to another other. Not only did the interactions not transfer to that page, but it wrecked the interactions on the original.

How about a big warning message when you try to make a new symbol that says “WE SUCK AND DON’T SUPPORT THIS CRUCIAL FEATURE! DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE DO AND WRECK ALL YOUR WORK!!!”

I have to finish the site on this platform (too late to turn back now) but I swear to god I’ll never come back, and I’m going to trash talk it to anyone who asks “what platform should I use?”


Yeah Mark,
I hear ya on this one. I luckily found out after creating a simple one and noticing it after the fact. Sorry about the work you put in, I feel ya. You can contact me if you need any help to get things finished. It’s always good to have a resource to use when you need to. I hope you can get things straightened out for completion.

As well, try to take a minute before going off online. They will definitely take this criticism and apply to future developments. Features are always a catch-22, and complicated when it comes to a wide range of consumer needs. You don’t want go low, maintain your integrity, and don’t bring bad energy on your growth - besides when you get through this - with all the challenges; you will get more satisfaction knowing the struggle it took. Looking back, your appreciation for winning despite the hurdles, will give you extreme confidence in the future! I truly believe this.

Hold back for just a bit, and let your spirit rest. You’ll be more proud of your accomplishements when all is said and done. Let’s finish the story, it’ll make you happier if you hold back.

From a fellow developer - Hang in there!
G.J. Hunter


Hi Gary,
I’m sure that’s good advice. Unfortunately, that WAS me “holding back”. You should have seen the first draft!


Ok ok, you got a point, I just read the first statement, and saw the restraint. Well I’m here to help if you ever have a question about design or dev options. I’m a community member so I don’t charge or anything.

So what’s the status now? What phase are you in with the site project? Give shout out to my profile at anytime.


I do sincerely appreciate the support. Thank you!

You got it! No prob… have a good weekend! Cya

@garymichael1313 @Mark_Stevenson @anthonysalamin @dennis @pritchettnick

New announcement indicates it’s fixed:

Haven’t tried it myself yet. If you try it, please report your results here.

Thanks, @MarkBult for letting us know.

I just tested it, and yes, it copies the interaction now properly to a new subpage. Even though I still had to re-enter the “replace with:” class. But I can live with that; it’s not too much of an effort to quickly type in the class that’s displayed above anyway.

But … now the classes get removed from the original page. So the initial problem now shifted from, the interaction not being properly copied to the new subpage, to the interaction being moved to the new subpage and removed from the original page.


Removing the interaction from original page doesn’t seem like intended behavior. @Brando can you respond to this?

@MarkBult @dennis

Thanks for pinging me on this!

You are correct — this is not intended behavior. We are pushing a fix for this soon!

I really appreciate your patience with the new interactions feature and your help in reporting the issues in this thread! You’ve all definitely helped us make improvements to this feature and we are grateful.

@Mark_Stevenson sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience — please know that we hear your frustrations and appreciate your honest feedback. I hope the recent update of symbol support for Interactions 2.0 helps you finish up your project without anymore hiccups.

Thanks for offering support @garymichael1313 :fist_right: :fist_left:

As always don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

I’ll post an update about the fix we are pushing as soon as I hear back from the team on it.


@MarkBult @dennis

We just pushed a fix for this.

Now if you copy/paste an interaction with “replace elements with” and a class name set, the original will remain intact as expected.

Can you please refresh your designer and test this on your end to confirm the issue is resolved?

​Thanks in advance!


Great, thanks @Brando for getting this problem tackled so fast.

I have just done some testing. When I copy an element with an interaction to another page, everything stays intact on the original element now. The copied element also gets copied onto the new page in a way that it’s correctly functioning (including the correct “replace with” classes).

The only thing remaining now is that the interaction settings of the copied interaction are saying that the element affected by interaction does not exist on this page. If I wanted to make adjustments to the copied interaction, I would have to enter all the values of the interaction for an element again before I can modify it (screenshots below).

Not sure if that is working like it is supposed to at this moment and will be optimized at a later stage. But at least it’s possible now to build interactions and copy them to another page in a functioning matter.


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Thanks for bringing this bit up @dennis. At this point, this is expected behavior.

The reason you see the Element does not exist on this page notification is because copy/pasting elements actually creates a different node ID completely. So the original node only exists on it’s original page.

This is where the Replace element with class name comes in. The action list doesn’t show the elements being affected because the animation is no longer applied to the same element — instead it is applied to the class name associated with that element.

We are discussing this further internally to identify how we can improve this piece of IX2. I’ll keep you all posted if we start making more changes.

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