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Did IX2 permanently drop Symbol support? Promised in Oct '17

Hiya. Does Webflow have any idea when IX2 will be enabled for symbols? It was promised back in October 2017.

Is this feature not coming? I’d like to set the Page Trigger “While page is scrolling” to a div with known margin & padding. Thus, that DIV -> turned into a symbol -> Page Trigger on that symbol.

I’m not sure if I well undestand your request, but I 'm able to apply interaction to elements inside a symbol.
I usually do that, for example, to menus and other stuff that in need in several pages

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Here’s a video explaining the issue: if an element becomes a symbol, it can no longer act as an interaction trigger.

Elements inside symbols: yes, this does work. I presume this is another relatively undocumented workaround.

Symbols themselves in IX2: still MIA, from what I gather.

I tried to do a little test.

It is true that you cannot add an interaction trigger to a symbol, but if you “open” the symbol and add the trigger to the element, then it works.