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Trouble with symbols, renaming and interactions

Using Incognito Mode.
Reproducible on a MacPro, a MacMini, a MacBook Pro, and a Windows 10 Pro Desktop.

This was a bug I reported probably a year ago.
If was confirmed by Webflow as a bug.
The bug was found / fixed / removed.

Now the bug is back.

Renaming a Symbol

The symbols were correctly renamed in the Add Elements -> Symbol panel

Here are the symbol names - after the rename:

  • a-ti-options-manage-wrap… I renamed this symbol to force-menu-manage-1
  • a-ti-options-community-wrap… I renamed this symbol to force-menu-manage-2

does not always rename the symbol in an interaction.

but it did not rename the symbols in the interaction panel.

This is AFTER the rename (interaction panel)

@waldo @PixelGeek @cyberdave @callmevlad @thesergie @Brando

And to make matters worse

renaming the symbol… also wipes out the interaction steps.

Hi @Revolution thanks for reaching out! I’m having some trouble reproducing the behavior described.

A Symbol and a Class name are separate entities.

You select elements and then create a Symbol out of them and give a name to your symbol and this does not impact class names (GIF was a bit large so I am linking to it here):

To rename a class name you can double click into a Symbol, then select your element, go to the Styles tab and rename your class name in the Selector field:

You cannot apply an interaction to a Symbol nor a Symbol name but only to an element on the canvas or by a Class name so I am having trouble reproducing the behavior described in the second instance. Can you please try to reproduce that behavior with a screen recording using something like CloudApp?

Please let me know if I’m missing or overlooking anything, thank you so much for your help! :bow:

@samliew - please don’t close this post.

I’m working a different - bigger issue - but same project… and cannot address this issue now.

To get around the issue that @waldo 's trying to duplicate… I had to trash the entire project and rebuild from scratch.

@waldo … Thanks for looking in it… the issue “is there”. Something I do triggers the problems. I don’t have the resources to stop this project and locate / clarify the issue right now.

I understand the process of creating symbols and the differences between classes and symbols.

I’m working an AngularJS issue that creating an problem with the Webflow.js files.

Why would I close it? It’s an active post.

“This topic will close 2 months after the last reply.”

Hi @revolution, I am also a little unclear where the issue is so if you can provide reproduce steps on the issue with the symbols, I will check this out further.

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