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IX 2 : So... am I missing something?

Interactions are now called Animations ?

And… you cannot create an Animation in a Symbol ?

They are still called Interactions. From my testing, you can’t put Interactions inside Symbols as of today. I do not remember if we were ever able to use Interactions in symbols, though - do you know if we were?



I’ve found the same thing. That would preclude applying any interactions to a menu system! Maybe I’m missing something.

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From this IX2 launch blog post:

What’s next for Interactions 2.0

We’re already full steam ahead on building more features and refinements for IX2.0, including:

Adding interactions to Symbols, Collection Lists, and Collection Pages

In this initial release, you won’t be able to apply interactions and animations to Symbols, Collection Lists, or elements on a Collection Page — but this is first on our list of improvements.

Making it easier to reuse animations

We’re also working to make animations easier to reuse, so that when you add an animation to a class, every other element with that class will automatically get the same animation. In the meantime, you can use the legacy interactions panel for interactions you want to reuse across a large number of elements.

Yup. Go boyz…god speed… :slight_smile:

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