Is there any way of achieving something like this? Design your own product

Hello guys!

I have done 2 projects in Webflow but none of them were ecommerce. I wanted to know if I could achieve something like this (go to step 3): link

So basically lets say we have a default dress and the customer want to choose long sleeves, custom length etc and all this is reflected in the product picture as well. The above link shows perfectly what I mean. When the customer has completed the combo, he checks out and of course the picture of the product is received via email or whatever Webflow uses to keep track of the orders.

Thanks in advance, I hope I was clear.

While this likely wouldn’t be possible with native Webflow E-Commerce yet, I could definitely see this being done using some forms and a @foxy integration. Essentially, you would set up your product pages using the CMS, and (assuming every page would have a form like this), you would create an add-to-cart “form”, asking the users to enter in the data you require.

I’m almost positive that’s possible with Foxy/Webflow, but I would contact their support team or message Josh from Foxy (he maintains the Foxy account on the forums) to see if this could be done.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks @mattvaru. I will contact @foxy

Hi @arlind.
Sounds like Foxy may be a good fit. Feel free to message or email us ( and we’ll help you get started.