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E-commerce Style website without a shopping cart functions

Hi I’m new to Webflow Form, i will try to be as clear as possible (I hope one of the veterans here will understand what I’m talkling about, if I’m not that clear).

I have a client who wants me to create a almost e-commerce website but without pricing and purchasing through website. (they are receiving payments through checks or COD).

Entire website will be built as an e book (i understand will create this through cms collections and projects) so their sales agents can have their prodcusts on phone or tablet and customers will pick and choose their orders.

After choosing their items it will guide you to the clients wish-list or shopping cart and client will get an email with a login to get his prices (specified markups for each client will be advised by headquarters).

After headquarters gets the email (i understand a csv type of file of or webflow form) the order processor or sales agent can then take the custom form and make it into password protected page for this specific client with their specified pricing.

But my client doesn’t want to put all prices again and again he has his prices and just wants to ad a markup for and entire order and his client can have a re-order as well with his specific price list and his client should also be able to edit their list or cart.

In short when someone goes to their website they can only see the items and prices will only be displayed to them after signing up to a membership or just a password login to see their prices.

I hope i was clear enough (i need to be able to get this done strictly through webflow in order to avoid extra charges from my system, all charges should be through webflow).

Sounds like you want a form with dynamic fields like a shopping cart, but form submissions to populate the Webflow CMS, and notifies the site admin.

Site admin then logins to the CMS and adds the price and sets a password on the item, then manually emails the client a link to the CMS page as well as password.

@samliew Yes more like it, do you know a website sample that uses the same concept ? i would like to show the client that it can be done with webflow

@samliew i really appreciate your input on this, however is there any tutorial how to stage it ?

There is no sample out there because what you’re asking for is very specific.

Technically it can be done. While you cannot send form submissions directly to the CMS yet, there is a workaround with Typeform and Zapier.

Also, you should note there is a limitation with the API unable to set reference fields.

@samliew Thanks so much for your help. Will update if i get smarter while staging