Adding an "add to cart" function

hey guys, i have a little question here.

one of my clients ask for a website ecommerce style, they have a lot of products for cousins and restaurants, so they wanna add them to an ecommerce like website with the exception of the sale, they just wanna have the function “add to cart” and at the end just send those items to an email.

is this possible with webflow new ecommerce stuff?

Do you mean that people will just want to buy digital products?
So they purchase through your site and then the product is emailed to them

Or am I reading that wrong?

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no, like the entire ecommerce process but at the end just send an email to the sales team and they can finish the transaction. instead of “pay now” will be something like “request a quote” or something like that.

You might take a look at Plasso. Combining their storefront with the invoicing feature perhaps?

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Hi @sanshiro.
Foxy can handle exactly what you have described. We’ve helped many Webflow users with similar needs. You can learn more about our integration with Webflow here:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help with anything at all. Webflow users get free white-glove onboarding. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the shout out @katieschwarzdesign! :slight_smile:

Plasso’s Cart is primarily used for checking out free products, paid products, digitals, subscriptions, and donations. One option could be making all of the products Free and then adding them to the cart. This could be confusing to the end-user unless you cover the process somewhere on your site.

From what it sounds like though, you’re wanting the ability to skip the transaction and send an email with an array of chosen products without the indicator of “paying”, but rather “requesting a quote”. This would be an awesome feature to have natively in Webflow! Unfortunately, Plasso may not be the best option for this use-case. @foxy sounds like they may have a solution though!

If you have questions about our integration or creating Free products, you can always check out our Help Center Article or give us a shout :grin:


Hey Guys, I’m new here, but i do have the same question about this too.
My client wants to have e-commerce like website, but only email the invoice at the end of the transaction.
Is there any way to do this on webflow?

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Hi @Steven_Subekti.
What you’re after isn’t possible with Webflow alone, but can be done with the help of Foxy. I’m more than happy to hop on a quick phone/Skype call to discuss your needs. Feel free to message me directly or email:


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