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Customize Product with CMS Form

Hi Webflow Community!
I’m quite fresh to Webflow and working on an e-commerce site.
Some of the products available are flower sets, where we want to make the design, a first colour, and a second colour custom selectable options.
I was thinking this could be possible by using a form that is connected to a few CMS Collections that contain all my options and their related images. The product price is unaffected by any client choice, but we would need their selections to make it to us in the order form.
Is this possible with Webflows current tools? or is there an additional plugin of some kind to use that would give us this ability?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Blush Bloom


Within each product you can set up variants or “options” which is where you can define things like colour options and sizes, etc.

Have a look at Showcase unique image galleries per product variant | Webflow Features and see if this helps.

From a quick peek at your site, I think you’ve probably done much more than you needed to - rather than adding custom fields and having one product per colour, you could have added all colours of one product as variants under one product.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the info. The problem that I have is that the product I’m selling includes multiple customization options that don’t necessarily line up with the idea of a product variant. The customer would order a box, select it’s design and then add in 1-4 colours to be fitted to that design.
The closest I got was designing a limited set of colour products and having them available to add to customers carts only when they are on the flower box pages. This enables them to select a colour and it then adds it to the cart. This is a decent solution but it doesn’t connect their selection to the product (box) that they are adding those colours to.