Is there a way to pass utm parameters through a 301 redirect?

I’ve got some redirects set up but I would like for them to pass any utm parameters through to the page they redirect to. Is that possible in Webflow?

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Nope. You will have to go to the source and then update the URL to the new path because path variables like UTM’s are discarded on the redirect with webflow hosting. They are fine without redirects as normal.

so you can’t use a 301 at all with utm parameters and you have to have a landing page that does the re-direction.? Is that what you are saying?

Yes, there is a way to do it.



  • Old path: /check%-in%?utm_source%=(.)%&utm_medium%=(.)
  • Redirect to page: /people?utm_source=%1&utm_medium=%2

Muuvment People | Boost your team’s health and productivity redirects to Muuvment People | Boost your team’s health and productivity


This seems like a severely limited feature set for redirects. Passing along UTM parameters should be a basic redirect service functionality. The entire redirect interface is limited, but this seems like one of the largest deficiencies. If they want people to migrate to their services, redirects are pretty important in making it seamless. Are there any plans to improve it?

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I’d like to re-iterate this point. No change has been made since this comment was posted. It doesn’t seem to be an issue that Webflow is addressing.