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[Solved] 301 Redirect Capability

Ok guys. It’s been over two weeks since you assured me “a change is going to be made probably by the end of the month (in just a few days), where we will be adding in the ability to create 301 redirects”. Any update worth sharing?

Hi @UrMarkGetSetGo, the redirect capability is now added to Webflow. You can check it out by going to Site Settings and go to the Hosting tab. You can add the path to the old file url and then select which page in your site users should be re-directed to.

Here is a link to how to setup URL redirects in Webflow:



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Thanks CyberDave. I followed the instructions just now. Adding a 301 redirect for each page. Well at least I think I did because there appears to be no feedback or acknowledgment that the redirect was accepted after clicking on the “Add Path” button. This is kind of disconcerting. Also, when I clicked “Add Path” I assumed a new window would appear for entering another page redirect but that didn’t happen. As it stands now the user cannot tell how many or exactly what redirects are in place for that particular website. I would think this is kind of important information to permanently provide. Did I do something wrong here?

Hi @UrMarkGetSetGo - that’s odd behavior… can you try refreshing your dashboard and trying again? You should receive a message that the redirect has been added and to publish your site for changes to take effect. If you’re still having problems please email us at support

Logged out and back in again. Same thing. Though the “Add Path” button darkens when I hover over it nothing seem to happen when I click it - leaving me of course wondering if anything took place.

Hi @UrMarkGetSetGo, we are investigating this and will get this issue sorted out ASAP. Will let you know when done. Cheers, Dave

Thanks for staying on top of this and solving this problem Dave. This may be a rookie question but I’ll ask anyway: Once implemented, how does one verify that a 301 redirect is actually working? I entered the old URL (in my case it was URL w caps and an underscore) But rather than be redirected to URL w/o caps I get a 404 NOT FOUND page. What’s up?

this gives a 404 error, is there a new url?

Hi @Mowgli, thanks for the followup, yes that link has been changed:

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile: