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Hi everyone!

We just released page redirects over the weekend. Several forum members have asked about this so we’re excited to see it in the hands of our users. The main use case for this feature is if you have considerable SEO juice from Google going to old sites before you started using Webflow. You’ll be able to transition those old sites and retain the SEO juice you’ve accumulated by redirecting visits to your old URL to your new Webflow page.

Here’s some more detailed documentation on it:

Any feedback is appreciated!

note - redirecting a URL to the index page is currently not an option, but wondering if people need this ability…


Hey @brryant - I know this is an older post but I wanted to follow up to your question. It would definitely be useful for us to be able to direct a 301 to the homepage. I notice I can hack this by putting in “//” for the ‘redirect to’ parameter, but I’d love a more above board way to do it. Any ideas?

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Index page*, that is

thanks for the heads up! I have relayed this information to the team.

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