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Ability to add 301 or 302 redirects to URLs with querystring parameters

Currently having issues getting my job board links to map to specific pages on my Webflow-hosted site.

My job board’s links include a querystring parameter like ?jobid=xxxxx

Links from their API drop everything after the ? when the user hits my Webflow site. For example, just goes to /careers, when I want to redirect it to

In an ideal world, I could just redirect everything with the ?jobid=xxxxx string to the appropriate subfolder/page in Webflow. (In a more ideal world, my dagnabbed job board would allow vanity slugs or give tracking links that weren’t slug-dependent, but what can you do.)

But Webflow’s 301 redirects don’t handle ?s. Can anyone help me out? Is there a way to append a querystring parameter to our page names without breaking our normal URL structure?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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That is a good question. As of right now, there isn’t a way to do a 301 redirect for URLs with querystrings .

But I’ll check with my team to see if there is another way.

@Elizabeth_Crouch - This is supported in our page redirection UI now:

Entering query strings will redirect the user to the target URL you entered. You can also redirect users to domains, as announced here: Page Redirect to External Domain


Neat! Unfortunately doesn’t apply to the scenario above.

When I send traffic to my site with a querystring, it drops the querystring, and I don’t get referring data from my applicant tracking system. The problem is mostly inflexibility on their side, but what can ya do. :frowning:

Additionally, I don’t see the 301 redirects I had already set up on my Hosting page anymore; did they disappear when you guys rolled out the new feature?

Definitely not something we would do - are you sure you’re looking at the correct site?

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