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Unable to use query string parameters in 301 redirect

Need the ability to add “?” and “=” to 301 redirects: a lot of URLs contain question marks and equality symbols.

For example, this: won’t redirect, but this: will.

Also, won’t redirect, whereas this will.

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So I don’t really understand what the bug is in Webflow… Can you please verify. Thanks! :wink:

The error being that you can’t put in a 301 redirect if the URL contains either a question mark (?) or an equality symbol (=).

Where you able to do this before in Webflow? :wink:

Hey @ConsciousApps currently it’s not possible to create 301 redirects with the “?” and “=” characters. My recommendation will be to redirect the following: -> /articles/two-undeniable-arguments-for-lvt

and -> /articles/covering-up-bounty-wheres-a-good-conspiracy-theory-when-you-really-need-one

Please let me know if this helps :smiley:

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@Waldo Woudnt this be in the Wish List area? :wink::grinning::blush:

Thank you, @Waldo. The old path has to start with “/” so your suggestion won’t work.

@VLADinSACRAMENTO, it seems like an essential, yet non-existing feature, hence my filing this in the bug section.

Okay, that’s fine with me. :wink::grinning::blush:

Hi @ConsciousApps, as @Waldo mentioned, the ability to use query string parameters is not yet supported, but this is already on the wish list here Ability to add 301 or 302 redirects to URLs with querystring parameters

I hope this helps. I can understand that this would be useful. When there is an update to the wish list item, it will be announced.

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