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Is there a way to lift CMS collection and static page limitations?

Hallo, I am currently looking for a website builder and CMS to host a large reference and resource website. I love the Webflow features, but there are a couple of areas that give me pause:

  • The limit on the number of collections at 40
  • The limit on the number of static pages at 100

As my website grows, I may be bumping up against these limits. Before I commit, I want to know if there is a way to lift these limitations, either through paying an additional fee, or if Webflow is looking to remove these hard limits.

One final question, if I am just building a website for myself, that I want to create ion the CMS and editor, and host on Webflow, am I correct in thinking I just need to purchase the CMS or Business hosting options?



You can contact support directly and ask this question.


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Thanks, already done :slight_smile: Here’s the response for anyone interested.

Currently the static page limit is 100 pages and this cannot be lifted. Normally if someone is having more pages than that, we recommend to go with our CMS hosting package which allows the 100 static pages plus 2000 dynamic pages.

I cannot say if we will be raising the 100 page limit very soon, it is currently a performance limitation and while we would like to increase this limit, I cannot say when that will take place.

The limit of Collections is 40 on the Business CMS hosting, that is the max limit at the moment. Webflow is working on ways to increase this limit, but I cannot give you a timeline for that yet either.

As to the final question of hosting, all you need is a single cms hosting to have use of the designer plus hosting features and be able to publish the site using your own custom domain with SSL on the ultra high speed CDN hosting.

thanks for posting all of that - am checking out webflow and this is certainly a wtf… could easily see hitting this after a while…

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Any update on when this limit will be removed. A technological limit at 100 is too low. SS has 1,000