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Increase page limit

I am opening this new ticket on the Forum as I have not been properly helped yet.

Here is the situation I am facing; I cannot create more CMS Collections or static pages because I have reached the limit and I am using the BUSINESS HOSTING. I have been told that even the Enterprise hosting will NOT solve my issue.

Today, I need to create more pages; if not, I cannot keep using Webflow, either with CMS or static pages. I can pay more and move to any potential plan, but I need it now. It is urgent for my client and me.

This is an issue that is happening over and over among the community since 2014. Why can’t we have the freedom to have a plan where we can host as many pages as we want? How can you build a world-leading website if we have page limitations?

What can I do?

Thank you very much in advance for your help,

Some people wishing to stay on the platform broke there site into multiple sub sites. Or move your site to a different platform / CMS without the limitations holding you back.

If you need professional help doing so, drop me a message.

Thank you for your insights Jeff. And which platform/CMS would you recommend? And would I be able to keep the same URL root?

Wordpress, Statamic, Processwire, CraftCMS are all platforms I use. Which one depends on what your requirements are and the skills at hand. I have preferences based on long term experience for different types of sites and who would be maintaining them.

Should not be an issue since the paths are all customizable in the products I mentioned.

Appreciate the info. Well, I’m a designer more than a developer, so my concern would be “can I reproduce on another CMS the exact same page design I currently have on Webflow so the user does not feel confused”. I got away from Wordpress because of design limitations so I will have to check the other ones you provided.

Regarding the URL, that’s good news. I see how that would work.

You might want to consider https://www.udesly.com/ where you could convert your site or take your design in WF and duplicate it in WordPress using Oxygen Builder which is really quite easy. Hope you find something that works for you.

Awesome, thanks again. I also found out about “reverse proxy server” that might solve my issue if can manage to make it work.

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