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Any plans that allow more than 100 pages on a given website?


I was viewing the webflow pricing plans because my boss wants to expand our existing webflow site to have over 100 webpages on it. However, the comparison chart shows all plans as having a max of 100 webpages. Is this something you have to specifically request? We’d be fine paying for larger hosting space, but I’m unclear on why the 100 page limit is displayed as a hard limit when really it should just be incrementally priced with how much space those pages take up on the servers. Would this be something we could achieve by request only? Has anyone done this?


That is a hard limit on static pages. Sites that need more need to build pages using the CMS, which starts at 2k items on the base CMS hosting plan.

Darn. We already use a CMS hosting plan, but need the shorter catchier URLs offered by the static pages so that we can put them on brochures. For example,

Static pages:

CMS pages:

This is how it works, right? And there’s no way around those limitations?

Nope. What you can do is create redirects which should be fine for what you need.

And how would I go about creating redirects from a url to a cms page url? I googled it but the results seemed to refer more towards redirecting an entire domain to another domain, whereas I just want to redirect a place on my domain to another place on the same domain.

I would start by reading the documentation. Then simply get the known value of a CMS item’s path and slug and make that the destination for your vanity slug.