A limit of 100 pages

Gentlemen! Trouble.

I’m from Ukraine and my clients are leaving the competitor en masse. We have been making sites on that cloud CMS for several years. Now our clients are asking to make an assessment of the project to migrate to Webflow. However, Webflow simply has an unreasonable limit of 100 pages, when the competitor has 500. Five times less! And yet the UI there is much worse than that of Webflow. We can’t make a cost calculation, because we don’t know what to do with this limitation.

What can you advise?

We do not want to go to other CMS, as they are far from Webflow in terms of convenience.

Hi Konstantin,

I wanted to hop in and clarify that the Webflow page limit is only for static pages, not CMS items. So, blog posts, for example, would not go against the page limitation as long as you use the CMS functionality for these, which would offer up to 10,000 additional “pages” using content from your CMS. Here’s some more info on this.

Hope this helps!


The problem is that I need more than 100 static pages. At least up to 200.

Got it, thanks for clarifying. It is still possible to potentially modify your content structure and utilize the CMS for this, depending on what is actually on those static pages. Otherwise, I’m going to recommend you open a support ticket with Webflow here and see what options they can offer you.

Chris, there is a hard limit on static pages which can’t be changed even if you wanted to fork over more cash.

I have seen users in the past report that support was able to lift the static page limit for their use case. I also am not aware, because the information does not appear to be public (unless I missed it somewhere), if this page limit exists on enterprise plans.

Limit exists on all plans. Nothing has changed as long as I have been around.

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