Is there a way to exclude Webflow Santa Clara from showing up in Google Analytics GA4?

I’ve seen past posts on this topic, but nobody has an answer. I was wondering if anybody knew how to exclude it so that whenever you make updates, it does not show up in GA4 every single time.

You can apply city filters via User attributes for Demographic details and then create a custom report that excludes what you desire or by adding a filter to that view. For more assistance visit [GA4] Demographic details report - Computer - Analytics Help

Thanks for the quick response, I will try that!

Hey Marissa,

After a long time researching, I believe I have found the solution to the issue. I have managed to stop receiving ghost visits from Santa Clara or any other Webflow server in Google Analytics 4 reports. IP exclusion doesn’t work since they are dynamic, and manually excluding Santa Clara in the filter option has never seemed very practical.

The solution in question is to enable explicit consent for analytics cookies directed to GA4, meaning, enabling a cookie consent banner where the user must explicitly consent. Since every time your website is published, there is no human to consent to these cookies through the banner; instead, it is a ghost visit or from an automated server without explicit consent, and that view is never counted.

My region belongs to the European Union, so enabling this cookie consent banner is strictly mandatory. Due to this, and incidentally, I noticed that the issue of Santa Clara visits was completely resolved.

If it serves as a solution, I have used a cloneable template in Webflow with Finsweet integration for creating this cookie banner. I hope this helps you😊