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How to filter out "Santa Clara" from google analytics

I keep recieving data from “Santa Clara”. I know that it from Webflow but how to filter it out using the new google analytics 4?

This one is a bit annoying, but the only way to do it in GA4 is to add a Comparison. They’ve fundamentally changed how filters work and everything is treated at report level now.

When you go to add a comparison you can set a condition to Exclude then select Device > Browser and in this list should be Webflow 1.0 - Site Screenshot

You can only have five comparisons at any time though, so this may or may not be viable depending on how much analysis you perform.

I’d like to filter by IP and treat it like internal traffic, and there have been some notes on this community about which IPs to exclude, but officially this is an unreliable method as the IPs could change from this service.

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Thank you for the response, i have tried that solution but I agree, I’d rather filter out the IP and treat it like internal traffic.

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