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Exclude Webflows IP in Analytics

there was already a post about this but there was also no solution so:

I would like to filter Webflows IP Adress in Google Analytics because evertime I republish my site in the designer, there is a visit from Arnheim, America. This is proabably Webflow and this effects my data negatively. Does anyone know what Webflows IP adress is, so I can filter the Webflow traffic out?

Thanks already, Laura

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Did you find a solution?

I did a basic scan on and got this:

Filter these and see if that visit goes away.

Good luck :+1:

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I ended up doing it via the browser using the value “Webflow 1.0 - Site Screenshot”, I’ll try the IP’s should that fail. Cheers.


Update – browser isolation seems to work fine.

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Awesome! I´m going to try these. Thank you.

Is it not that you’d want to use by the way? –

Nope! I only publish on the custom domain.

Was looking all over for solution on how to block those “views” from ashburn / Webflow 1.0…
Thank you!

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Thanks @alexdixon for this. It’s the only answer I could find on the web.

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No worries, it’s still the same solution I use today :+1:

Use a filter to exclude a city, for webflow it’s Santa Clara.

Unless Santa Clara is a hub for your audience, excluding all your publishing hits from traffic will give you more accurate results, even if there’s a few actual users in that city.

yeah i was so happy that someone is checking my portfolio site from Santa Clara as there is company I would like to get hired to but after a while it became suspicious it always shows up when I publish :smiley: :cry:

Thanks for the tip. How did you do this in Analytics G4? Couldn’t seem to find it.

Bringing this into 2021 - there is no filter using G4 unfortunately and I can’t figure out how we can filter out by browser. Only by IP address we can do through Data Stream. Any further knowledge how we can remove user agent through browser in G4?
I’ll ask this again through a new post perhaps.

I suggest a review of this document => [GA4] Data filters - Analytics Help